Athlete information:

Q: Who can sign up as an athlete?

A: Anyone who is competing as a professional, amateur, or college athlete. We are only working with US athletes at this time, but are working to be global soon.

 Q: How do I sign up as an athlete?

A: When you first sign in, you will be given the option to sign in as an athlete. Please follow the directions provided in the email we send to confirm your status as an Official Athlete. It will come from admin@torchapp.net. If we cannot confirm your athlete status, your account will be suspended.

 Q: I signed up as a fan, but I’m really an athlete, can I change types of accounts?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot change your account from a fan to an athlete after setting up an account. You’ll have to create a new account.

 Q: How do I edit my Athlete Profile?

A: Go to your account page in the app and click on the edit button at the top left. Then click on the Athlete Bio or Athlete Support tabs to enter or edit information. Be sure to tap the save button before going back to the main account page.

 Q: How can I be a Featured Athlete?

A: New athlete users as well as athletes who have hit certain thresholds of Torchbearers will be featured on the Discover page.


General information:

Q: Is there an Android or website version?

A: Currently, Torch is only available for iOS. We’re planning to be available the rest of the platforms in the next year or two.

Q: I’m not from the US, can I get in on this?

A: We are only working with US athletes right now, but you can participate as a fan!

Q: How do I see my Degree of Separation from an athlete?

A: On their athlete profile page click on the green number that says “° from you” or on your My Flames page, tap on the green number next to the athlete’s photo and name.

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